Parenting with love: 5 simple recommendations.

Parenting with love: 5 simple recommendations.

Everyone knows that a balance is necessary when dealing with our children. Boys and girls need the love that gives them the security of being recognized and accepted, but they also need limits and family and social norms for their protection and teaching angelcare monitor vs owlet. The main characteristic of loving parenting is knowing how to discipline and correct with respect. 

Healthy development means that children of all abilities, including those who require special health care, can grow while meeting their social, emotional, and educational needs. You can make your child feel safe and loved at home by spending time together. Playing, singing, reading, and talking are very important activities for your child’s development. The right diet, exercise, and rest can make a big difference.

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Skills such as taking the initial step, first time smiling, and waving hands to say goodbye are recognised as progressive milestones. Children achieve these indicators in areas such as play, learning, speech, behavior, and mobility (crawling, walking, etc.).

Children develop at their own pace, so it is not possible to say exactly when a little one will learn a certain skill. However, developmental milestones give a general idea of ​​the changes to expect as the child grows.

Here are five tips that will bring you closer to establishing parenting based on respect and affection. 

Let your love feel! Being a mom or dad means that your tolerance will be constantly tested. When this happens and you need to draw attention to your child, try to do it from the love you have for him, so it will be easier to guide and correct him without damaging his self-esteem and losing your patience.  

Empathize with their needs. Adults must be very clear about one thing: children and adults are not the same! Your wants and needs are constantly changing as you create experiences. Staying in touch with your child’s needs will help you understand why some activities suddenly become more important than others. 

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Setting limits is also loving. Limiting children’s behavior is often viewed negatively, however, everyone knows that rules and limits are necessary in your daily life. Your child’s natural instincts need guidance that, by saying “no”, “wait”, “you’ll do it later”, help your little one to respect the rules that society will ask him to follow later.   

Ask, listen and respect their opinion. No one knows better than yourselves what you need the same thing happens with your children, children are wise! Give them the opportunity to express their opinions, propose, suggest and change whatever they consider necessary to feel more comfortable in their relationship with you.  

It’s okay to ask for help! Being parents is not easy, luckily, there are specialists who can accompany you in this great task. Do not hesitate to seek help if you need it or if you have any doubts about their behavior, it is for the love of you and your children.

Remember that with love, time and patience everything is possible.

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