Beauty Device – 5 Tech-Driven Beauty
Devices You Should Check Out

Beauty Device – 5 Tech-Driven Beauty
Devices You Should Check Out

If you are looking for a beauty device, you have probably noticed that there are many different
options available in the market beauty device Malaysia. Here, I have listed five tech-driven beauty devices that you
should check out. These include a Dermaplaning tool, Skin tightening device, and Microcurrent
technology. Read on to find out more! This article was written by a former esthetician, so I know
a thing or two about the devices I use.

Face lifting machine
A face lifting machine is an electronic device that uses microcurrent and LED light to enhance
the firmness of your face These technologies help to boost the production of collagen and
elastin in the skin. It also activates the resources of human body, including sebaceous glands
and fibroblasts, which help define the structure of your skin. There are many brands of face
lifting machines, each with a unique advantage and price. Some of the most popular ones are
RVB, Ulthera and Body ultimate in the US, while Utims and Facegym are more popular outside
the US.
Skin tightening device
The new Sculpting Wand by Shani Darden has received a huge amount of buzz among beauty
editors and celebs. Using high-frequency sound waves, the sculpting wand targets key areas of
the face and body to tighten and tone skin. The device also comes with a base gel for maximum
comfort. During use, the wand is safe and effective, with results that look salon-quality.
Dermaplaning tool
A dermaplaning tool is a specialized tool used to remove fine hairs and dead skin cells from the
body. It is a painless process that requires no anesthesia and minimal downtime. The
dermaplaning process can be performed by home users as well. A quality dermaplaning tool will
be ergonomically designed with an efficient grip. You can hold the tool with your dominant hand
while stretching your skin with the tool.

Microcurrent technology
Microcurrent technology in beauty devices uses mild electrical pulses to stimulate facial muscles
and promote skin toning. It also increases hydration and collagen production. This helps in the
absorption of skincare products and can even help athletes achieve better results. Microcurrent
is a good option for anti-aging, as it can benefit all skin types. It is a relatively inexpensive and
easy way to give yourself a facelift without going under the knife.
LED therapy
LED therapy for beauty is gaining popularity exponentially. One company, Dermalux, has over

1,000 systems and a team of aestheticians. According to Louise Taylor, founder of Dermalux,
LED technology is not a new concept; there is no limit to how much more people can benefit
from LED therapy. As a result, word-of-mouth marketing has played a huge role in its rapid
spread. Here are some pros and cons of LED therapy for beauty.
Exfoliating device
When you’re in the market for a new facial cleansing brush, you’ve probably already heard of the
Sonic Face Cleanser. This portable device contains a battery-operated motor that delivers
repetitive vibrations to the skin, removing dirt and makeup. The brush also exfoliates the skin,
minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. There are many different types of
facial cleansing brushes on the market, but the Sonic Face Cleanser is a particularly good

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