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A rendição de Suzanna (As irmãs Calhoun #4) Nora Roberts

A rendição de Suzanna (As irmãs Calhoun #4)

Nora Roberts

320 pages
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 About the Book 

Ive read the other books preceding this one and I liked them all. In fact I loved them. Not so much to give a 5 star rating but enough to remember it as one of the good reads.Ive said this from the beginning and I say it again, theres no Romeo in this series, no passionate dark lover...no sudden twist in the plot but just a sheer soulful beauty in a simple story that touched my heart.I liked this book a lot. Its a wonderful blend of old and new, light and dark, love and hurt. *Sigh*Holt Bradford, the dark brooding gray-eyed ex-cop, is an interesting character. Ive loved caring handsome Trent, Southern charm boy Sloan, sweet adorable Max- all of them better than delicious. But Holt, dangerous, passionate, intense Holt whos not much of a flowers-candlelight-sweet kiss person was able to charm me off my feet too. Of course I didnt like him as much as the others but I still liked him.Suzanna, Ive liked her from the beginning and I liked her more. Delicate, charming, passionate, strong, caring... Shes all that and more. Her children, they were amazing too. They were a part of who she was and I must say that I was enchanted.As always, the best thing I liked about this book and the other books in the series is the love story, the old faded one, of Bianca and Christian. God, I cant even come close to describing it properly. It was soothing, heartbreaking yet calming and a beautiful story. And the way it was mixed along with the each of the Calhoun womens, it was just amazing. I really really liked it, and I hope you do too. :)