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Classic Country Charles K. Wolfe

Classic Country

Charles K. Wolfe

Published January 18th 2001
ISBN : 9780203900277
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on Arthur Q. Smith, p. 143Many of them recall making that trip to the WNOX studio, enjoying the loose atmosphere and good announcers, but being a bit puzzled by something they saw just outside the main studio doors. It was a thin-faced man who slightly resembled Danny Kaye, usually looking a bit frazzled and down on his luck. In front of him were three boxes: They were songs, original songs, he had written. The really good ones, he explained, were for sale at $25 apiece- the average ones were $15- the lesser ones were $5. His name was Arthur Q. Smith, and when he sold you a song, then you got it - not only to copyright it, but to put your name on it and record it or sell it or do what you wanted with.